20.5.15 – Wiksten Tova

Tova Top and dress by Wiksten 

Fabric used ‘Pointedly Teal’ – Japanese Gauze from Fabric Rehab.

Japanese Gauze

It is quite fitting that my first blog post is about the Wiksten Tova as this is the first pattern I ever did a review of back in 2014 when I first got into sewing on sewing pattern review  So I decided to revisit this pattern with a year of experience under my belt and using a different type of fabric. Tova-1 For the first 6 months of sewing I was too scared to use anything other than quilting cotton, frankly I didn’t really know what the other stuff was – interlock, chambray, lawn … you what? I still don’t know much more but I’m branching out and this is my first time using gauze. It’s lovely and soft and light and perfect for summer tops.

So this weekend will be a bank holiday and I had managed to book the Friday off work and was planning a mega sewing extravaganza. We are going on holiday to Turkey in four weeks and I really wanted to make some summery outfits to wear out there. So my plan was to finish the Tova in the evenings so that on Friday I have a clean slate to start something new. I went downstairs last night to do a bit of sewing and ….. my Janome was broken!! NOoooooo!  (When I say broken it was making the most awful sound whenever I put the pedal down, it just felt like I would cause irreversible damage if I carried on.)  It started making a funny noise once before and the manual suggests that if this happens you should clean out the bobbin chamber as they get full of muck and lint – that worked the first time but this time it was a different noise, a heavy growling inside like it was NOT HAPPY.  I rang our lovely local sewing shop to enquire about a service.  The man on the phone suggested changing the needle but no joy (good tip though, he said a blunt needle can cause a knocking sound).  So Janome is in the sewing machine hospital 😦

In the meantime my wonderful husband, seeing my distress, elevated himself to godlike status and suggested we nip to Argos and get a cheapie stand-in machine for this weekend (and in case my Janome needs a service again in the future.) So this top was started on a Janome 525s and finished on a Brother LS14. Although the Brother doesn’t have some of the fancy extras the Janome has (like a needle threader) it works perfectly well and has prevented a weekend of me moping and moaning that I can’t do any sewing! I’m very happy with the finished top – I think I’ll be making more of these:

Tova-3 Tova-2

In other news, I received my second order of patterns from the lovely people at Style Arc and they asked if I had any photos of the first pattern I ordered from them to put in their gallery. So I am now on their site in my Stacie Jean Jacket  


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