21.5.15 – Simple Modern Sewing

Cap-Sleeve Top, Boat-neck Dress and Long Pants from ‘Simple Modern Sewing’

I bought the Japanese sewing book Simple Modern Sewing because I really liked the picture of the wrap top on the front.  I have made three garments from the book now..





Long Pants


Boat-neck Dress


Cap-Sleeve Top






The long pants are made from a burgundy marl knit fabric I bought from myfabrics (85% Polyester, 10% Viscose, 5% Spandex) They have an elasticated waist. The dress is made from some Robert Kaufman cotton fabric from Plush Addict and the top fabric I picked up whilst visiting my brother from a little shop in Stratford-Upon-Avon called Sew Me Something

All the designs in this book are loose fitting, the models are all swimming in their clothes – and these are petite Japanese lady models.  So I picked a smaller size than I might if they were more fitted.  A thing to remember is that the patterns don’t include the seam allowance (I forgot this when making the wrap top and it still has room to spare!)

The instructions assume a certain level of knowledge and miss out some of the more basic steps.  This might be a good book for an experienced sewer who wants some base patterns to adapt.

Tracing the patterns from the multi-pattern sheet can be very confusing.  They are not colour coded and are very jumbled. I had real trouble with them, you can see why in the picture below!


Ollie ‘helping’

Anyway, I’m about done with this book.  I’m not that excited by any of the patterns.  I wear the pants around the house but I wouldn’t wear them in public and the other two items may get worn over the summer.


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