24.5.15 – Tiramisu Dress

Tiramisu Dress by Cake Patterns

Fabric used ‘Orange and Navy Floral Viscose Jersey Knit’  from Minerva Crafts

Tiramisu – not my favourite dessert but fast becoming one of my favourite dress patterns.



This is the second time I’ve made this dress, both times with some bargain basement knit fabric from Minerva Crafts.  I really liked the first one but there were some slight fitting issues which I’ve fixed on this second time around. (I went up a cup size to stop some gaping at the front)  At first the pattern sizing seems complicated but it is very clever, grading high-bust measurement with cup size and waist so you get a really good fit.  Once you’ve got the pattern pieces cut out, that’s the hard bit over .. the rest of the dress comes together quick and easy.  I really love the effect you can get if you sew this with a bold striped fabric, the pattern matching down the front (there are instructions in the pattern for matching the stripes perfectly) is really effective.  This time around though I went with a non-stripey pattern.  (although there is still quite an obvious direction to it so I had to pay attention to that)  Because the skirt is full and cut on the bias it makes it lovely and swooshy and swirley. This fabric adds to that too – I’ve usually gone for cotton knits in the past, I thought viscose might have a cheap polyesterish feel but it’s actually really nice, soft and smooth with a nice weight to it so it hangs really well.


I don’t have an overlocker but I decided to try out the overcast stitch on my machine to finish the seams.  I’m usually a bit lazy with seams, especially with knits – just giving them a once over with the pinking shears but although the overcasting took up a lot more time and thread I’m really chuffed with how neat it all looks inside. It also feels a bit more sturdy.


nice neat seams 🙂


On my Janome it’s stitch setting G and you use this special foot with a cute little brush attached.  (I wonder why there is no B stitch on my machine…?)


overcast stitch setting


special foot


I left the pockets out this time, although pockets in a dress are really cute I think the only thing I would put in them would be my hands which makes them a bit superfluous.  They also add a bit of bulk so the lines are smoother without.


Overall I’m really happy with this one – it’s such an easy dress to wear – no zip, buttons or ties.  It’s super comfy, not too clingy but flatteringly fitted.  (You could make it a bit tighter if you like that but I’m all about the comfort factor and with a bit of ease around the waist you can wear your Tiramisu and eat it too, haha!)




7 thoughts on “24.5.15 – Tiramisu Dress

  1. Hi, is it possible for you to explain a little bit about going up a cup size to stop the front gaping? I’m having trouble understanding why that worked for you (and consequently, why it may help me as well, since my fit on this dress isn’t exactly what I want). Thanks.


    • Hi Roseana. The first time I made it the left and right side of the bodice didn’t overlap as much as I would like, the opening was therefore too low and revealing and it felt like there was not enough material there. I didn’t make any other adjustments than going up one cup size using the pattern instructions and that totally fixed it. I hope I explained that clearly and it helps you with yours! good luck!


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