30.5.15 – Serendipity Studios

georgette   There are plenty of things I didn’t know about the world of home sewing that I have picked up over the last year.  One of those things is that there are pattern companies who design their clothes for a particular body type.  For example Sewaholic make patterns that work well for pear-shaped ladies.  I’m not a pear-shape but I am, at 5′ 3″, ‘petite’ (which sounds so much more flattering than ‘short’ don’t you think?  haha).  Serendipity Studios don’t advertise that their patterns are geared towards a particular shape but I read somewhere (can’t find it now, did I dream it?) that they are designed for 5′ 5″.  All the clothes are modelled by the same lady on the site (I think she’s the owner/designer) and she looks great in them.

I have now made three patterns from this company and have come to the sad conclusion that they are not for me.  It’s such a shame because the ‘vintagey’ dresses look so lovely in the photos and there are usually several variations of the garment shown in all sorts of gorgeous prints – I was really looking forward to trying them.

The first disaster was entirely of my own making, the pattern is actually fine, but my choice of fabrics left a lot to be desired.  This is the Willow Tunic. In my mind this was to be a breezy summer top with a sea-side vibe but apparently I look more like a deck-chair

Willow Tunic

Willow Tunic

The second attempt was the Bebe Dress  I was having a real off day when I made this, I was trying some fitting alterations and I totally messed it up.  It ended up with the skirt bit being too big but the bodice didn’t meet at the back, so I had to do some ‘patchwork’ around the zip to even get it on.  Even if I had made it perfectly though I don’t think it would suit me.  Sad because I LOVE the design and colours of this cotton.

Bebe Dress

Bebe Dress

The third dress I made was the Diane Kimono Dress  This was a good experiment with a new fabric, Georgette.  I’ve had this fabric for ages, I buy a lot of my fabric online and when I first started I just bought stuff willy-nilly because I liked the pattern and didn’t really look at what type of material it was.  As soon as this turned up I stuffed it right to the bottom of the pile because it looked like it was going to be a bugger to sew with and I decided to wait until I’d had more practise before I tackled it.  Guess what?  It was a bugger to sew with, slippy and frayey and a devil to unpick.  It also feels a little bit scratchy to wear.

Diane Kimono Dress

Diane Kimono Dress

So for now I think I am done with Serendipity Studio although I will say that their patterns are really nicely put together and the instructions are great and if they work for you there are tons to choose from.


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