7.6.15 – Sophia and Roses

I had high hopes for Sophia.  From By Hand London this is a collared sleeveless fitted dress with either a full or fitted skirt.  I had this gorgeous red rose cotton and some sparkly white shiny satin and I was dreaming of the full gershmoley (is that how you spell that word …. is it even a real word?)- the big collar, the tight bodice, the big flouncy skirt with satin godets. As it’s a very fitted style I decided to make a muslin.  The greeny/blue fabric was one of my ordering fails – I’ve mentioned before that I order nearly all my fabric online.  I love the choice and the ease and the excitement of a new arrival popping through the letter-box and mostly I’m really happy with my orders but every now and again I get a dud.  This was a dud.  The design was a lot bigger than I was expecting and when I washed it the green ran so the white went a sort of ‘hint-of-mint’ colour (along with one of my towels, a t-shirt and several pairs of knickers)

I didn’t have enough fabric to make the big skirt but I figured the top would cause me more problems anyway so I made the straight skirt version … it didn’t go well.  This is straight out of the packet and immediately you can see loads of fitting issues.   It fits around the middle (very snuggly, no room for pudding!), the arm holes are too big and too low, the shoulders are too wide, the bodice is too long and probably lots of other things that I can’t pin-point.


sticky-out collar, bra showing, wrinkles

This would be a major challenge for me, so far I have only learned some very basic fitting adjustments.  If I loved the dress I would go through that and be happy to gain all that new knowledge, but … I don’t love it.  I don’t think the collar works for me at the front (although after seeing the photos I quite like the back neckline view) I also don’t like the dart in the middle. it looks weird. (Good God, looking at the photos again I can see that there is a big hole at the bottom of the zip and you can see my knickers!! Sorry folks!  But this is a muslin) So, I think Sophia and I are not destined to be friends 😦


Sophia muslin

Anyway, this was Saturday and I wanted a dress for ….. Sunday!  (What is it about sewing your own clothes that makes you believe you NEED a new dress for every occasion?)  Anyway, the occasion is our local street party.  Our one-way high street has been changed from westbound traffic to eastbound traffic and we’re all really excited about it.  Haha!  Well there’s a little more to it than that but the upshot is that there’s a street party and the weather is predicted to be sunny so that’s enough reason for celebration.  So as Sophia proved to be a tricky character I needed a plan B…  Butterick B4443  I made this dress three times last year when I knew even less than I do now.


Last year’s Christmas version of B4443

I got it to fit eventually through not very technical trial and error.  I can’t really remember what I did but the tissue pattern is all slashed up and taped together in some rough and ready manner.  So I knocked it up again in a few hours today (with the V-neck this time) It’s really quick and easy to put together, it has a fully lined bodice and there are adaptations included for ‘petite-ing’ it.  It’s classed as ‘easy’ and I think that it’s geared for beginners.


Butterick B4443

So I shall go to the party in a new dress, red roses seem very apt for an English summer do and who needs satin godets anyway?

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5 thoughts on “7.6.15 – Sophia and Roses

  1. All I can say is that your red rose, summer street party dress is so absolutely gorgeous that I am a teeny bit glad that the first one failed. !!!


  2. That fabric you chose for the Sophia is amazing! Sorry about the fitting issues. I had problems with the By Hand London Flora dress, the bodice had so many fitting problems but I really love that dress and want to go back sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I love BHL too!! I love seeing all the different Anna’s. My best pattern with them so far was the Charlotte skirt. I want to get started on Victoria in November, their sew-alongs are the best!

        I think wordpress changed some things around because that happened to me too! The button used to be on top but now its on the bottom right hand side but only sometimes….


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