17.6.15 – Bag Lady Part 2

I am totally failing in my quest to sew myself a holiday wardrobe – i have just run out of time and it didn’t happen.  However I did finish my new handbag 🙂


bag making bits and pieces

Olivia Bag version 2

Olivia Bag version 2

So, as I mentioned in Part 1 I decided to revisit a free pattern for the Olivia Bag which I used last year.  This is a great pattern, ideal for a first time bag-making experience if you’re tempted.  I used my first Olivia as a daily handbag until the fastener gave out so I know it’s a lovely bag to carry and use and this also meant I had time to plan how I could adapt it to make it even better the next time.

So I used the basic pattern but I made these changes;

Added a front pocket.

This was a very simple addition, it just involved working out how high to make it and where to place it before sewing the side seams of the bag outer.  I figured these measurements out while making the prototype.

pocket piece

pocket piece

Changed the strap to an adjustable one

I used the instructions from The Bag Making Bible to make the strap.  Whilst I love the professional look of the strap I’m not totally sure about how I attached it.  I think I may have spoilt the clean lines of the original design and it doesn’t look as good as it could.

adjustable strap

adjustable strap

Added a hidden zip closure.  

Again the instructions for this are in The Bag Making Bible.  I think I can refine this if I make it again, it is not perfect.

inner zip

inner zip

Added a key fob inside

This was an idea I got from a shop-bought handbag I had a couple of years ago.  A key-fob on a long tie attached to the inside of the bag means you don’t have to scrabble around trying to find your keys at the bottom, just pull on the tie and there they are.




I described in my last bag making post how exciting it is to do all the preparation with the bag inside out then pull it all through for the final reveal – here are some photos of that process ..


this is how much mess you can achieve whilst sewing a bag


dilation and crowning … hahaha sorry!!!!


All in all I am very happy with the finished product.  I haven’t started using it yet – I find there is something almost ceremonial about swapping all your chattels over to a new bag and I need to set aside some time for that process.

I will take this bag on holiday so that sort of counts towards my holiday wardrobe and I have New Look 6774 cut out so if I get my act together I should be able to finish that this weekend.  But I think an emergency hot weather clothes shopping trip is on the cards….




One thought on “17.6.15 – Bag Lady Part 2

  1. EXcellent – it was great to see the pictures and exactly how it all came together – nice mess by they way. I have always found that projects are more fun when they involve mess – mind you mine are often garden ones so – slightly different. Happy new handbag.


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