26.7.15 – Two Brigittes and a Carla

I have been a very lazy blogger!  I have been making things but have not got around to blogging about them so this post covers two of my most recent creations, one a success and one a failure.  Apologies for the pictures.  I set my camera up on a tripod in the alley at the side of our house but have managed to chop my head off in them all apart from the one with the perfectly timed half closed eyes!  I have to use the camera timer which is a bit of a pain, running back and forth to press the button and then pose like a wolly… anyway, it’s the clothes you came to see, no?  First the success.

Brigitte Top

Brigitte Top

This is the Brigitte Top from Tessuti Fabrics.  I used the pdf download pattern but it wasn’t too arduous to tape up and trace – the top is just 3 pattern pieces – front, back and sleeve – and is super quick and easy to put together.  I have made this top before in a plain cotton interlock and I knew it was the perfect pattern for a Breton Top.  Everywhere I go at the moment I see people in the classic black and white stripe long sleeve t-shirt and so I started hunting for the perfect fabric.  These are made from a sumptuous Ponte Jersey from Fabric Godmother.  It’s a thick, soft, luxurious feeling jersey and is a dream to sew with.  I had just enough to make two versions – one is straight from the pattern and the other I made a little more ‘slouchy’.  I didn’t alter the pattern, I just cut the fabric a bit away from the edges to scoop out the neck a bit, lengthen the sleeves and widen the whole thing by about 1cm.  They are so quick and easy to make, no bindings needed, the boat-neck is hemmed before construction and the instructions are very concise with pictures.

I absolutely love these tops, they are getting worn around the clock.  A Breton top and jeans is such a classic look and manages to look like you gave a damn when you got dressed.  They are also super comfy and the best bit ….warm arms 🙂  Here are the two versions side by side:

Brigitte 1 and Brigitte 2

Brigitte 1 and Brigitte 2

And now to the not-so-good.  I sort of lost interest in this dress whilst I was making it. The cut out pieces had been hanging around all week as I didn’t get any free time until the weekend to start putting them together.  I’m not even really sure why I chose this pattern, it’s not the sort of dress that I would usually go for.  I had taken Meg McElwee’s ‘Sewing With Knits’ class on Craftsy which I really enjoyed and learned a lot from which is how I became aware of their patterns and this is the Clara dress.  It started off badly when hubby came down to make a cup of tea while I was cutting out the fabric.  He said “Watcha making …. a tablecloth?”  Sigh.  And looking at the photos now I see that it’s the kind of material your Granny would wear a pinny made of!  I can’t find the details of it now but it’s a thin woven cotton – sort of like the fabric a ladies handkerchief would be made of.  Anyhoo – there are elements of the dress I like .. the flouncy skirt, the shape of the neckline, the sweet collar.  I’m not sure about the keyhole sleeve feature but they were interesting to sew.  What really doesn’t work (on me anyway) is the waist.  I have realised that I need some tailoring around the waist to avoid looking like a sack of potatos.  I know the model shots show the dress with a belt, but even with a belt my dress poofed out around the middle and just looked frumpy.  In my head I was going to look like ‘little house on the prairie’ in reality I look like Nora Batty on market day.  Ah well, it was interesting to sew and I was happy to get some practise with collars and plackets.  The pattern comes together nicely and the instructions are very good – there’s even a video online to watch if you get stuck on any part.


Sew Liberated Clara dress

Until next time – happy sewing 🙂  And I promise to work on my photo taking skills!


3 thoughts on “26.7.15 – Two Brigittes and a Carla

  1. I love the tops they are just the sort of thing that I would wear and as you say classic with denim jeans. The dress made me think of librarians and maths teachers so – yes maybe not so good. unless of course you are a librarian or a maths teacher!! 🙂

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