2.8.15 – Xerea Tent Dress

Hello!  So …. after declaring in my last post that my Clara dress was a little less than flattering due to the baggy waistline and that I needed some better tailoring to avoid the sack-of-potatoes look – what did I go and make?   Only a massive flowing tent dress!  haha!  I couldn’t resist.


Xera Dress View B


This is the Pauline Alice Xerea dress.  There are 2 views and I made the more voluminous one (view B).

Comfort is massively important to me when it comes to clothes, no matter how fabulous the garment, if I’m too aware of it while I’m wearing it it just won’t get worn.  I would happily wander around in a muumuu all day if I thought I could get away with it.

Anyway, I loved this pattern when I saw it and I had the perfect fabric for it .. a gorgeous heavy drapey viscose with what looks to me like a woodlice pattern on it.  I bought 2 metres from Backstitch  The dress is fairly easy to put together.  I love how the pockets are integrated into the front panel but I must admit I found the construction a little confusing until I got my head around it.  That’s the only complicated bit, the rest is super easy.  I would have preferred the yoke to be lined but it is finished with bias tape – if I make it again I will line it instead.


A really nice feature is the back yoke which has a v-neck


I think you definately need a drapey fabric with a good weight to it.  With anything lighter or stiffer you may risk looking like you are actually camping in your dress 🙂  This will be ideal when (if) summer arrives – lovely and airy and cool, it would also make a good beach cover-up.  And if all else fails weather-wise, you could wear it as a nightie 🙂



6 thoughts on “2.8.15 – Xerea Tent Dress

  1. it does look super comfortable. I suppose you could make it full length could you? for those romantic walks along the beach in the evening with just a nice shawl to scare away the chill. I love the back neckline and pockets – you are always better off with a pocket IMHO


  2. This is lovely – and thank you for having made the tent version! I completely agree about comfortable clothes and have been considering buying the pattern for exactly that. Yours seems to be the only view B anyone’s made so far and it’s very convincing, I think you’ve persuaded me to buy it 🙂


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