6.8.15 – Dottie Angel Tunic

Hello!  I happened upon this pattern (Simplicity 1080) a couple of weeks ago and it really appealed to me.  I think it’s fairly new, I haven’t seen it around much on the sewing blogosphere.  A dress or tunic described as being ‘granny chic’ hehehe!


Dottie Angel

So I ordered it and started making it up.  During the week I don’t get to do much sewing but I do bits and pieces when I can.  I might cut out the pattern one day then leave it hanging around on the dining room table until the next day … or the next.  So I had only got around to cutting out and making the pockets when up popped the wonderful Christine Haynes in my feed with a blog post about the Dottie Angel.  I am so glad I read her review before I carried on because it gave me the confidence to veer from the instructions just slightly.  For starters I didn’t bother with any of the French seams – I bought this fabric ages ago from Amazon – it’s a sort of batiq and it’s quite thick.  French seams with binding over the top as per the instructions would have been very bulky so I just put it together in the normal ‘right-sides-together’ fashion.  If it’s good enough for Christine it’s good enough for me.  I also joined the side seams a little higher than indicated to prevent the boob-flashing armhole scenario.  I didn’t alter the placement of the gathers because I really liked where they are.  In fact I didn’t change anything else at all.  Fitting is fairly easy because it’s a loose style with the back ties giving it more shape.


I think I will make this again – I love the idea of the contrast pockets and bottom band on the dress version.  It’s so comfy and relaxed. Hubby has nick-named it my ‘Portland Dress’ – I’ve never been to Portland but he has and declared it ‘land of the hipsters’  As you can see in the back-view pic below I have been wearing it all morning and it is full of creases. Yay for granny chic – I love it!




4 thoughts on “6.8.15 – Dottie Angel Tunic

  1. I agree with you frayed, re: taht it looks a bit like an all over pinny! And I like it, so I thank you for posting. I had not yet heard of this pattern, and I have been looking for something liek this. Annette (here from PR.com!)

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