9.8.15 – Sallie Jumpsuit

Hello lovely people who read my blog 🙂  So… I may have mentioned once or twice that one of the most important things for me when making my own clothes is comfort.  So when I read the words ‘secret pyjamas’ in the description for the Sallie Jumpsuit from Closet Case files I knew it was a pattern I should try.


Sallie Jumpsuit

I love the look of the Sallie jumpsuit in plain black on the website , so classy. I don’t ever really wear black on account of it making me look like a corpse so I went for a lovely soft navy marl jersey instead – I’m afraid I can’t remember where I got it.  It’s quite lightweight and drapey and an absolute b*stard to unpick.

This is a pdf pattern which means you have to print it at home.  I have used quite a few of these and it’s not too bad taping all the A4 prints together but it is very time consuming and I wanted this ready so I could start sewing straight away so I decided to treat myself and have it printed at a printer.


professionally printed

This turned out to be a very simple procedure, I emailed them the pdf in the week and went to pick up the 3 sheets of A0 paper a couple of days later all perfectly printed.  It was however pretty expensive.  it cost me about £12 which means that on top of the price of the pattern it cost more than buying a ready-printed pack.  So I probably won’t be doing that again.  Still, it did make the whole procedure a lot quicker and easier.


The pattern itself is fairly straight-forward.  The top part is lined and I like how this double layering makes the bodice a bit more robust and prevents any see-through-ness.  I didn’t make any alterations to the sizing and I don’t think I need to, I’m wearing it now and it’s feeling pretty good.  The pattern has ‘negative ease’ which worried me a bit because tight, clingy clothes are definitely not my thing, but all the examples I’ve seen on the internet look relaxed fit-wise, so I didn’t panic and just cut out the pattern according to my measurements.

By now some of you may have noticed something has gone a little awry south of the knee area!  For starters, I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make the legs full length – I wasn’t worried about this because I was fairly certain I’d have to shorten it anyway.  But somehow, and I have no idea how I have managed this, one leg is about 3 inches shorter than the other.  Sadly the shorter one is a bit too short or I would obviously just hem them to match… GAH!


yay .. pockets

There is also something weird going on with the side seams, the fabric seems to be drooping down in folds from the seam and I don’t know why.  The hem also sticks out at the bottom.  I think both these issues are to do with my inexperience with sewing knits.  I don’t have a serger, it’s all just done on a regular machine so maybe I have stretched it while I sewed or something .. I don’t know?

Ah well – on a positive note … I *love* the back – those ties and the v-neck – such a great design feature.


I think I will revisit the Sallie Jumpsuit, it IS super comfy and I think fairly stylish but this particular one with it’s faults may be resigned to being actual pyjamas!


2 thoughts on “9.8.15 – Sallie Jumpsuit

  1. What a shame about the hiccups with this because the colour is lovely and I do agree the back detail is particularly nice. Perhaps you could cut it right down and make it into beach wear!!!


  2. Lovely make. Maybe you could cut them down to Capri (clam digger) length with a smart scarf and little booties shoes and a cardigan perfect for fall? Followed your post from pattern review. Love your striped hoodie.


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