11.9.15 – Julia Cardigan

Hello lovely readers!  Welcome to September, my very favourite month of the year.  To celebrate the slight chill in the air I made myself a nice cardie.


Julia Cardigan

I love cardigans, I’m as cold-blooded as a lizard in a fridge so even in summer I like to have something snuggly on hand.  I have found however that a lot of cardigans can turn a nice dress into instant frump.  The Julia cardigan from Mouse House Creations is a bit different.  The lovely shaping around the bottom, created by an infinite loop that is sewn all the way around the open edge, makes this really unique.  It is also really cosy around the neck where the edging gathers up in a collar.


This is a downloadable pdf pattern – it’s easy to put together and nicely designed. I made it with with a lovely light jersey (78% viscose, 22% polyester) from myfabrics.  As a side note, I have created myself a ‘fabric log’ and I’m finding it massively useful.  Does anyone else do this?  Every time I order some fabric I note down as many details as I can so I remember what it was. It also has the added advantage of curtailing my sewing spending when I see how much I’ve already bought  (well – that’s what I’m hoping it will do!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 07.00.11

The Julia cardigan is quick and easy to make.  I made the long sleeve double layer option.  The most time consuming step is sewing the edging band.  As I mentioned it goes all the way around so it’s quite a long piece, and if you do the foldover version, that’s two long pieces.


Yes you should sing the Birdie Song in your head as you look at this photo

I don’t have an overlocker so I finish the seams using an overlock stitch on my sewing machine.  It’s quite a slow (and noisy) process on such a long edge.  I didn’t make any changes to the fit and I just chose my normal size.  The arms are a little long but I quite like that. There are lots of opportunities to add variations – a contrast band?  Just a contrast bottom bit?  I think my next version I’ll make with a slightly heavier jersey for the colder months (although I think this needs plenty of drape to keep it’s style) The great thing about the light jersey is how small you can fold it up.  I can fit this in my handbag for unexpected chills!


All in all, this was a success.  Highly recommended if you want to sew an easy, stylish cardie.


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