14.9.15 – Vogue Hoodie

Hello … how’s things?  Allow me to introduce my new stripey Vogue hoodie.


Vogue 8951


This sewing project was very frustrating.  I can’t quite put my finger on why, there’s nothing wrong with the pattern – Vogue 8951 – and I really love the fabric I made it out of but it was just really annoying to sew. Maybe I was not in the right mood but everything was really fiddly; the thread kept tangling and breaking, the fabric kept bunching up and getting snagged, my top-stitching looked messy and uneven.  Gah!  This is classed as ‘very easy’ … I would say it is ‘medium easy’.  The fabric I used was a gorgeous striped jersey, I’m not sure where I bought it from but it’s t-shirt weight and the colours are lovely.  I think perhaps it is slightly too lightweight for this pattern.  The pocket is especially messy looking and very saggy which I think is a result of the fabric being too thin and drapey.


I am in the habit of checking out as many reviews as I can find for a pattern before I tackle it and *everyone* I found who has sewn this decided to get rid of the weird ‘mud-flap’ feature at the back.  What were the designers thinking?  The back is designed to be about 6 inches longer than the front …… bizarre?  I solved it by making the back shorter to match the front, the style is very long anyway so this worked the best for me.  If you lengthened the front to match the back is would be almost dress length on someone of my stature.


I really like the way the hood is attached so that the neckline naturally folds open into a v-shape.  I’m not so keen on the facings – I don’t think I finished that bit correctly but they are very big and flappy and tend to stick out when you pull it over your head.  I think you’re supposed to sew them down but to be honest, so much had gone wrong at that point I just wanted to get it finished and I only top-stitched the front section.  I used a contrast fabric to line the hood.  I did this because I was trying to preserve the stripey fabric to leave enough for another top, but I was very pleased with the way it looked and will use a contrast by preference when I sew it again.


The sad (or happy) thing about the finished garment is that I really, really like it.  In fact I wore it 2 days straight after finishing it.  It’s comfy and snuggly and I think it looks quite modern and stylish for a hoodie. It just annoys me that I am aware of all the shoddy bits.

I used the tripod and timer inside to take the photos and managed to chop off my head in every single one apart from the last which I’m including here so you can have a laugh!


‘did I press the button …..?’





7 thoughts on “14.9.15 – Vogue Hoodie

  1. Hehe I get outtakes like that every time too! You can’t see the ‘flaws’ in your hoody from here anyway, it just looks incredibly comfy and bright – I’m not surprised you wore it for two days straight. So would I 🙂

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  2. I think it looks lovely and you are right about the colours they are beautiful. I love a comfy hoodie and in a heavier material you could probably use it as a top layer in the autumn couldn’t you. I giggled when you described your tangled cotton etc because that sounds just like everytime I try to do anything with a needle and thread.

    the contrast inside the hood is perfect also.

    I love the final blooper picture!

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