19.9.15 – New Look 6407

Warning – contains collar points that could have your eye out!

I bought this gorgeous fabric from MyFabrics a while back.  It’s 57% cotton, 42% polyester and 1% spandex and is a gorgeous summery mix of turquoise and orange.  The stretch is barely noticeable but that didn’t matter because I decided this would make a really nice crisp collared shirt.  New Look 6407.



It’s classed as ‘easy’ and it is fairly straight-forward to put together.  I made the first version, the one the model is wearing.  It has a fitted shape created by bust, waist and back darts, a big ol’ 70s style collar and big unfastened cuffs.  I didn’t make any fitting adjustments to it, just sewed my size but looking at the pictures I can see that it could have done with some tweaking.  I usually have to make backs a bit narrower on things and that may have prevented the pouffing out at the sleeve seam but other than that I think it fits pretty well.

I love the shaping around the bottom and the v-neck opening, I think those features are what makes it a ladies shirt rather than a shirt-shirt. Do you like my buttons? They are little brass sheriff-style stars, I can’t remember why or where I bought them but I think they work perfectly with this.



There’s not much else to say about it – I may not make it again as there are so many other shirt patterns to try but this was a success.



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