26.9.15 – New Look 6298

Hello!  Happy Sunny September Saturday to you all!  If you’ve been paying attention to the warnings from Westeros you’ll know that ‘winter is coming’ – apparently though, someone forgot to tell the weather and we are enjoying a glorious Indian Summer here in the UK.  But I was already into winter clothes mode and this post is all about my new woolly dress.


During the summer I went on holiday to France and was fortunate enough to blag a trip to a fabric shop 🙂  I was staying near the town of Bergerac and there is a really great place called Mondial Tissus  I believe it’s a chain and looks like they also have an online store too.  It’s always a real treat to shop for fabric in the real world which I rarely do.  So I bought two lots of material in Mondial Tissus, an amazing mad print jersey which I will show you another time and the woolly blue/green I used today.  ( I would have bought more but my case was already half full of French chocolate)  The pattern is New Look 6298.



New Look patterns are notorious for running up big, my measurements were pretty much the same as the size 10 on the size guide apart from an inch or so smaller around the hips but I didn’t think this would matter as the dress is loose fitting. The only alterations I made were to use a bigger seam allowance when sewing the back seam so that the back was a little narrower and to shorten it by about 5 metres – ha ha – not quite but I did shorten it A LOT.


I think it pretty much fits like it should although the sleeves are too long – when will I ever learn about that? I know I always have to shorten things but I never bother doing the sleeves, like I’ve got gorilla arms or something.



The dress comes together really quickly and easily.  I was a little apprehensive about this fabric – I think it’s this and I was expecting it to unravel and misbehave but it was actually lovely to sew with.  I’m not entirely sure that I like the pockets but I think it might be a bit drab without.  It’s quite baggy and so I tried it with a belt for an alternative style.  I think I like it, actually I really like the top bit – the neckline and the raglan sleeves.



As a little extra I also wanted to show you my second Vogue hoodie – I knew I’d make this pattern again and here it is.  Yes. I know. It’s a little loud. 🙂 I bought this fabric ages ago online from some shop in America.  It cost a fortune in postage and took ages to get here and so I’ve been a bit precious with it, waiting for the perfect pattern to use it for.  I love this – I ironed out all the little errors I made with the first one so it feels nice and sturdy and it’s just so warm,cosy and comfy. So come on winter – where are you? I’m ready!



3 thoughts on “26.9.15 – New Look 6298

  1. Absolutely love the hoody it’s gorgeous. The woolly dress – I reckon that would look great if you layered it with something underneath. I bet it’s really comfy to wear and to be honest I prefer it without the belt.

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