29.9.15 – Ooh La Leggings

Ohh la la – I sewed some leggings!  I made these a while back and got my lovely Mum to photograph them back in the summer.  I wouldn’t normally prance around in leggings outside of the gym, let alone allow them to be photographed – but in the interests of review sharing here they are.


The fabulous fabric is from Fabric Godmother – it’s a viscose jersey and is fine and stretchy and pretty perfect for active-wear I think.  The pattern is from Papercut patterns If you’ve never used a pattern from them allow me to show you their very cute packaging.


The box is made of card and has a hanger attached, the pattern itself is printed on brown paper and has instructions for cutting it up to make the instructions into a booklet.  The instructions are very concise and there are plenty of hints and diagrams.  The only small complaint I had with the pattern pieces was that the black print on brown paper was a little harder to trace off than normal.

Lots and lots of people have sewn and blogged about these leggings, I think their popularity comes from the slightly unusual design. (and the name 🙂 ) These are not just two tubes with elastic around the top, they are panelled around the top and down the sides so that you can make them in contrasting fabric if you like – they look great like this and I have plans for a second pair using parrots-in-the-jungle print lycra … sorry, you’ll just have to be patient to see that work of wonder 🙂

I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern and I was pretty pleased with the fit.  I knew that such a stretchy fabric would be pretty forgiving but I had never made leggings before and was worried about baggy-bums etc.



Overall I am pleased with these, the only thing I’m undecided about is the seam down the middle of the front and back of the leg.  You can see this more clearly if you look at pictures of two-tone versions.  It’s a very effective design feature but it has a tendency to twist around the leg, also it feels a bit weird to have a seam down the front, especially in something so close fitting.


With all the seams I used an overcasting stitch on my sewing machine,  I think it’s necessary with these for strength.  There are a whole lot of seams to sew which made this project take a lot longer than it could have as it’s really pretty simple.  So I am thinking about getting an overlocker!  I didn’t think I would ever need one, and to be honest I probably don’t but it would make sewing something like this tons quicker and it would also make the finished garment much more professional looking and structurally sound.  I have ummed and aahed about it for quite a while.  Space is an issue for me as my sewing ‘studio’ is the hole under the stairs!  Also they are not cheap!  So I have started heavily hinting to my husband about Christmas presents and I think he’s getting it 🙂  He’s good like that!


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