9.11.15 – Anna the Fourth

Hello! So today I am sharing with you my FOURTH Anna dress.  I love, love, love this pattern from By Hand London There a tons of versions on the sewing interwebs and they all look great, it is super flattering and versatile.  As I mentioned I have made it three times before I started this blog, I reviewed them on Sewing Pattern Review.

The thing I love about Anna is that she is very adventurous and takes me to some great places.  Here I am drinking cocktails in London at Berners Tavern Restaurant with Anna 12

and here in the toilets at the Ritz in Anna 2


and here having lunch in France with my Mum and Dad in Anna 3


Anna 4 is in preparation for a late holiday in Barcelona and she’s really looking forward to it 🙂


The fabric is a smooth, drapey rayon with a hibiscus print from Sew Over It  In my opinion if you make the maxi-length Anna it suits a fabric like rayon or cotton lawn.  I have made one short version in a quilt-weight cotton which works too but has a totally different vibe.  I have had to make tweaks to the pattern as I’ve got to know it.  The first one had a lot of gape around the neckline which I have just about fixed now.  I had to shorten the length of the skirt and I took the back centre seam in about an inch which I usually do on dresses.  I also shortened the thigh-split to avoid knicker-flashing … the pattern has it at the right height for a much taller person than myself.


You’ll just have to excuse these photos – I took most of them on Sunday evening and I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and was trying to do ‘modelling’  hahaha!


The pattern doesn’t instruct you to either stay-stitch the neck or interface the linings but I learnt to sew with the Big Four and it felt weird not to do those things so I did. Maybe you could get away with not doing them?  I still haven’t managed to make my invisible zips totally invisible but they are at least neat now.  This latest version has a Chinese-y feel to me.


This dress is just so comfy and easy to wear – it feels casual but looks glam.  Best …. dress…. ever! 🙂




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