10.4.16 – Carolyn Pyjamas

Two posts in two days … I suppose I should really save this one for lean times but I’m so excited … I made PJs .. and I love them 🙂  The story of these pyjamas must start with the fabric.  I loved it as soon as I saw it.  It’s nano iro brushed cotton with a hand-painted type design of flowers and birds.  I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it but as soon as it arrived I knew it was crying out to be made into pyjamas – it’s as soft and snuggly as a favourite old teddy bear.  But it was also obvious that I didn’t have nearly enough for that.  I went back to order some more (can’t remember where from now) and noooo… they’d sold out 😦  Well you know what it’s like when you have an idea in your head – these pyjamas HAD to be made, so I searched and searched and finally found the fabric on Etsy from Miss Matatabi  I’d heard good things about this company so I ordered some more and it wung it’s way over all the way from Japan.  It arrived pretty quickly and the postage was amazingly cheap but I noticed straight away that the colours were much darker, I also realised when I started cutting out the pieces that it’s much narrower than a lot of fabric and I would have to make some sacrifices.  So this was a bit of a challenge from the outset but nevertheless I am very happy with the outcome.

If you do some research for pyjama patterns you’ll find the Carolyn pyjamas from Closet Case Files stand out as leader of the pack.  I was so impressed with the Ginger Jean pattern from the same company that I ordered a copy straight away.  It didn’t disappoint.  Carolyn Pyjamas Pattern

The instructions are fantastic and the pattern comes together really nicely.  I made the pants first.  They have pockets, a false fly and an elasticated waist.  They are super comfy but not baggy and saggy as some PJs can be.Carolyn Pyjamas 1

Because of the narrowness of the fabric I ran out before I could add any pockets to the top and I also had to opt for the short sleeved version.

Carolyn Pyjamas 2

I didn’t add any piping, it would have been lost in such a busy fabric, but if I make them again (and I’m pretty sure I will) I will definitely try it out.  There are so many great Carolyn variations out there that the inspiration is endless.


I made the sleeves as long as I could with the fabric I had so this sleeve length is somewhere in between view A and view B, I also added cuffs to the sleeves.  The only other alteration I made was to shorten the bottoms by 3 inches.


There are so many great things about this pattern – the lovely curvy shape of the collar, the curved shape of the hem, the neatness of the collar attachment (it looks lovely on the inside as well as out)

2Making jammies is great: fitting is a little easier than normal – they’re supposed to be a bit loose and free, you know that probably only your nearest and dearest will see you in them so you can go mad with fabric choices but you feel like you’re making a proper ‘outfit’!

If you look hard enough you can see the difference in the two fabric batches, for example the back and front of the bottoms don’t match.  I reckon with a few washes this will become much less obvious.


I even found perfect buttons at the local market 🙂